Christmas: Round 3

11:42 AM

My family came to visit us on Monday afternoon! We ended up going out to lunch at Culver's, and then coming home for some fun! We decided to open up presents that night!

Avery received the Soul Surfer book, and with 18 chapters in it, she had it read in 3 days! :) She is very interested in Bethany Hamilton right now... Olivia received a fun pink Barbie car! :) Winnie is enjoying chasing it around, too!

Uncle Josh and his friend Ellie got to come and visit! Ellie is a big hit with the girls and I think she's also a big hit with Uncle Josh!

Olivia received a baking set from Nana Dianne, and she wanted to get right to it! While baking, the girls (and mama) had some fun with the squirt bottle! :) Uncle Josh is such a good sport!

Tuesday morning....Olivia slept downstairs with Ellie and had a sleepover! And, Winnie has been enjoying the outside weather...still no snow!

Olivia's cookies were ready for frosting the next morning, and she went to town with Nana Dianne!

Next, was bowling! Olivia was often found right next to Ellie! And, Crazy Uncle Josh!

Lots of bowling fun was had by all!

Ellie got TONS of strikes, and Bapa looks like he was just a prayin' for a strike!

Ellie and the girls!

Later that night, the girls had a great time putting lipstick all over uncle Josh!

Wednesday morning....laughing, singing concerts, and dancing!

Late Wednesday we went ice skating!

Olivia was able to have a good time, but Avery ended up having a lot of breathing trouble, so she didn't get out there as much as she would have liked!

Josh + Ellie = <3

Thursday morning, Liv and Ellie got in a game of Hedbanz, before all our company left....

Olivia shed some tears :( We hope to see them all again soon!

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