Christmas: Round 1

9:44 PM

Our family went up to Nana Judy and Bapa Ron's house on Tuesday afternoon! At that point, we had only had Winnie for 3 1/2 days, so we were a tad bit nervous for our visit! She did "okay" while we were there. She's so big compared to Nana and Bapa's dogs! We caught a video of Phoebe telling everyone what she thought of Ms. Winnie!

Also, Uncle Jon taught me and Winnie so many things about puppy school. While we were there, Winnie learned how to "watch me", "sit", and "down"....we're still working on "stay"...she's super smart! Take a look below!

I didn't take too many pictures this Christmas....I guess I was busy watching Winnie all the time! But, below are some of the photos that I did manage to take! :)

Olivia and I went to the mall shopping, and we ran into Justin Bieber! :)

I also treated her to some ice cream because she was being SUCH a great little shopper!

We had "Christmas" on Friday evening. The girls had a fun time opening gifts

Here is Daddy's family! :)

Great Grandma Hilda, Uncle Jon, Aunt Holly, and Daddy

Uncle DJ, Cousin Blake, and Aunt Rachelle

Cousin Noah, Nana Judy, and Bapa Ron (Bapa must have really enjoyed this gift!)

Avery went to bed early, but Olivia stayed up and played a bit with cousin Noah

Back home on Christmas Eve....

Winnie must be worn out from a long week...

The girls did a Christmas concert for us tonight!

and opened up gifts from Mommy and Daddy!

Got cookies all ready for Santa

put out lots of reindeer food on the grass (sigh...STILL no snow)...

Played a bit with some toys (Winnie LOVES this little motorized car!, and Avery got a new microphone!

Now, the girls are all snuggled in their beds, waiting for tomorrow morning! :) Mommy has lots of laundry to do, and Daddy has a sermon to prepare for tomorrow!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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