Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas traditions

found these on a blog, and really like the ideas!

tradition #1:
each little person gets their own wrapping paper---none of the gifts are marked, and in order to know which gifts are theirs, they have to find a tiny piece of their wrapping paper in the bottom of their stocking.
it's a little last minute excitement, as they see the gifts, but don't know which belongs to who :)

tradition #2:
each kiddo gets 3 gifts (from us): a WANT, a NEED and a SURPRISE.
we've done this every year, and i really like the idea of it. it keeps christmas simple for us, and works for now. i imagine things might change one day when they start asking for more expensive items.

tradition #3:
christmas eve---we all open christmas jammies that have already been washed and are ready to put on. after jammies, the kids get another present which involves books. so, not only do they get the 3 gifts on christmas morning, but on christmas eve they also get something to WEAR and something to READ.
the kids know they are getting these 2 gifts and look forward to them all day.

What traditions do YOU have?


Becky said...

So loving tradition #1. I just might do that myself this year!!!

annewalker said...

I love those Christmas traditions #2. The need, want and surprise. I myself have my own traditions. Each day of 9 days before christmas, I send different Christmas messages to my family with a use of sticky note in the refrigerator. That became our "inbox". Those notes contain wishes and thoughts for each other.


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