Monday, December 5, 2011

photo dump, and Christmas crafts

Olivia and I went last week to visit our favorite photographer, Kristen, and we got to love on her 7 lb sweet baby girl, Lilah :)
That night, we went out to our favorite restaurant in our town to celebrate that our Uncle Josh is smiling again :)

Friday I went on a field trip with Olivia's preschool class to the dairy bar.

it's always interesting with 20 4 and 5 year olds ;)

Avery is doing a "12 days of Christmas" gift for her teacher this year. She's keeping is a secret, and hopes that the whole 12 days will go by without her knowing it is Avery! :) It's a bunch of little teacher things each day with a the idea off of pinterest!

I am always finding something to make for the girls, and Christmas is just another reason to be creative! I think I will add a bow to the top of these trees, and maybe a trunk...not sure yet!

Just finished these up!

I got some fun fabric, and whipped up a couple skirts super quick for Avery...these can be warn all winter long, I hope!

I made 2 of these for each girl. Avery was supposed to wear it to her Christmas concert this week, but she is wearing something else to go with the part she got! And, our Christmas tree this year (photo taken by Olivia)


Jamie said...

Im SO impressed by your sewing skills! I especially love the last dress!

Becky said...

Wow - busy woman!

Adorable outfits! It seems like it goes quickly for you. I remember working hours and hours... you must be GOOD!

That pic of Olivia - how cute is that? Caught the sparkle in her eye.

Will you post Avery's solo? Cannot wait to see her white dress and hear her. I told her I used to sing solos too (she wasn't impressed) and we talked a bit about being nervous, etc. I should have remembered to tell her to say a prayer before she started. I remember it helping.

Gosh - Christmas with little girls is the awesomesauce! Thanks for sharing all you're doing. It makes me SMILE :-) !!!


Leslie said...

I think you have great talent. I bet you could sell your designs. As always the tree is very nice. I really like the picture of Olivia with the shirt backwards and in her underwear. Alyssia likes to wear that sort of outfit quite often also. God gave me all girls for a reason.


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