Friday, July 10, 2009

early presents

Avery will be 7 (gasp...7...YIKES) on Sunday.

we decided that Avery gets to open a gift each day until her birthday (someone bought her a lot...)

today she opened one of the "big gifts" from mommy, daddy, and Livie.

we've been telling her over and over again that we just can't afford to buy her any more of the big American Girl dolls, so I think she was super excited when she pulled this out....


(excuse Avery's lovely hair and clothing...she has decided that she needs to open up her gift each day in the morning...before she's in clothing or has brushed hair!)

Uncle Jon and Aunt Holly also sent Avery a gift today, and she squealed a lot when she opened it!

Aunt Holly sure is a good mind reader of what little 7 year old girls are into! THANKS Uncle Jon and Aunt Holly!!! She LOVES it!


Jamie said...

We did the same thing with Jalyn's birthday this year, because we (ok, me) went overboard with the gifts.
Were did you find the Am Girl Doll? Jalyn's starting to get into them, and I can't justify spending $130 for a doll.

Holly said...

Glad she liked her gifts! And Jon wants me to let you know that he helped me pick out her gifts too. ;)


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