Avery's 7th birthday!

10:54 PM

This little 7 year old (wow...still can't believe it) has had one heck of a birthday! Good thing we decided to open a gift each day so it didn't get all saved up for one day! Don't think any of us could have handled that!!!

So, yesterday, Saturday, here is what went down at our house!

Avery got to open her gift from Nana Dianne and Bapa Craig. Keep in mind that she just got an American Girl doll the day before, and was told that that was it!!

She opened up the gift, and there she was....Felicity...her absolute favorite American Girl doll!!!

She was just in awe! Felicity is just soooo pretty!

Not only did she get Felicity, but she also received 5 dresses that go along with her. Talk about a great gift!!!

Nana and Bapa also picked up this little shirt for Liv on their camping adventure...it sure "fits" her...she does add a lot of drama to our house!

Later on in the afternoon on Saturday, Nana Judy and Bapa Ron (and their 3 dogs) arrived, and we had SIX dogs in our house at one time....take a peek....

they really were quite good...they all got along well!

Nana and Bapa brought along a gift from Aunt Rachelle, Uncle DJ and Cousin Noah!!!

She opened it and said, "This is JUST what I wanted!!!"

She LOVES the 2 necklaces that came with the DVD, and she and Livie each have one!

Thanks DJ, Rachelle, and Noah!!!

Nana Dianne and Bapa Craig were getting ready to leave, so Nana Judy thought it would be good if Avery opened up her gift from them while everyone was still here! :) Avery thought that was a great idea too! :)

After some work at getting it out of the box, Avery was able to pull her out....Penny....

Penny is Felicity's horse!!! She couldn't believe it!!!!

Avery ran and got Felicity so that she and Penny could meet!!!
(gol, Phoebe the dog is "getting to know" the horse...sorry about that)

Avery had Felicity reach out her hand and pet Penny....it was so so cute!

Thanks Nana and Bapa! This little girl couldn't have been any happier!!!


Now, onto Sunday the 12th...the REAL birthday!!!

Here Avery is all dressed up in her special "I'm a 7 year old" dress at church today!

Liv was in a very goofy mood, and these are all I could get of her!!!

such a silly girl....

We went out to lunch at our favorite restaurant, and our favorite worker was our waiter today! He took such good care of us, and even had the whole place sing to Avery! She was supposed to wear the sombrero, but she was a little overwhelmed, and just sat back and observed....

We came home, sang happy birthday, and had her blow out her candle on her skittle cupcake!

And then, the finale of birthday week....the last gift from Mom and Dad!!!

I think in this photo she knows what it is, and can't believe it....

She said, "I have 4 dolls now!!??"

Yes Avery, yes you do. Here is Samantha...another American Girl doll....

And, miss Avery, the now 7 year old, with all of her American Girl dolls....what a lucky girl!

(i should say that we got super deals on all of them from craigslist and ebay)

And, the birthday ended tonight with the birthday girl tucked in her bed, and the 4 dolls tucked away in their quadruple bunk bed.

Happy Birthday Avery!!!!

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