Wednesday, July 1, 2009

can i get a witness

today, one of the most bizarre things happened to me, well, in front of me.

i took the girls to the McD's drive thru for lunch during a very busy traffic time. I pulled in off the busy street, and had to stop because a blue van was backing up. (see the bright purple ME - my van, and the dark purple CRAZY VAN as the van backing up)

well, the van kept backing up and backing up, and then it passed me, and i realized there was NO ONE DRIVING THE VAN!!!! i'm totally one was driving this van that was going backwards out of the McD's parking lot and into one of the busiest streets in our town.

CRAZY VAN continues to go in reverse (because, really, who was going to put the breaks on), and goes over the flower beds, jumps the curb (SEE red dots on map) and then proceeds to go into oncoming traffic!

what am i doing? well, I am sitting in my van, jaw dropped on the floor responding to Avery's question "Mommy...why isn't there anyone driving that car?"!

So, CRAZY VAN then gets super lucky. For some strange reason, the steering wheel must have been at an angle (or jumping the curbs jarred it) because instead of continuing to go out into traffic, the van ended up turning onto a side street and eventually hitting a poor innocent parked car.

I pulled up to the door, and saw another man running inside. i said, "did you just SEE that?" He said yes, and then went inside and I'm guessing yelled to the whole restaurant that someone forgot to put their van in PARK and it rolled away...3 20 something guys ran out...yup, don't know why 3 young guys were in a van, but whatever!

no one was hurt, except the poor flowers that were driven over. how fortunate, huh? this could have been a huge accident!

seriously, one of the craziest things i have ever seen....


Lilly said...

whoa.... that is really creepy! That's soooo lucky that it didn't hit you. When I was little I thought I saw cars driving by themselves before and no one believed me.

Sara said...

good GRIEF!!!!!!!! That's the top story of my week.....yikes. Glad no one was hurt!!

Dan said...

Wow! That would definitely top my weird list.

I left a message at your Mom & Dad's house letting them know we are here in town. They haven't called back yet though...are they out of town? If you talk to them let them know we're here and are staying until Wednesday probably.

Dan said...

Oh and this is Heidi on Dan's computer. I forgot I was using his laptop. Internet is rotten here and mine won't pick it up, just his.


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