Christmas Party!

8:40 PM

Today was Avery's "Happy Birthday Jesus" party at school. We had great fun watching our little girl all dressed up and performing.

Here is Mary talking to miss Livvie...

There she is with Joseph!
"wrapping Jesus in swaddling clothes"...

After the play, they all lined up and sang a few songs for us!

And, took a well deserved bow!

Then, the kiddos and parents got to decorate gingerbread houses together. Avery wasn't too into it, probably because most of the candy she was allergic to...

Daddy was on "Livvie patrol". There is no containing our little tornado

Here she is with Mrs. P!
Then, the girls and I had some down time after lunch in their room. I took my camera with, and captured some photos of my crazy ladies...
Liv's like, "what's up?"
Here she is doing 'touchdown'!

Look at those top 2 teeth....I swear they've been trying to poke through for about a month now. The girl STILL only has 2 teeth, and she's almost 14 months!
We also got a Christmas card from Grandpa Myron today, and we will have to take a picture with all the toys we bought with his Christmas money! We would have taken another one tonight, but the girls were both worn out from a long day... (us too!)

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