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This will be, quite possibly, the l-o-n-g-e-s-t post I have ever done....geez.....lots of pictures, lots of stories!!!
....personal Bridal Shower/lunch at a resturaunt.

Livvie loved the lingerie...

After the bridal shower, it was off to decorate the reception hall.
Here is DJ, the day before his wedding!!!

After the decorating, it was a mad dash to get to the rehearsal.
It was casual, so that was nice not to have to be all dressed up...

My gals, in matching clothes (of course) being wild in the church...

this is Livvie's new smirk for everything...quite funny...
Check out their shirts....funny....
DJ, practicing his song for his bride, Rachelle
Livvie loved hanging out in the sanctuary
Rehearsal Dinner.....YUMMY food, thanks to Nana and Bapa!
Livvie slept through the WHOLE dinner....
we had to bring her car seat in for her to catch some zzzz's

What a wonderful gift for Avery...a BRIDE BARBIE!
She was very excited!!! Livvie also got one!
Just some lovin' from Great Grandma Hilda and Nana Judy!
We awoke to snow.....lots of it.....

VERY messy and slippery roads! Not fun at all! Mommy and Avery went and had our hair done. Lots of fun being out in the snow and trying not to mess up your hair-do that you just paid $40 for....

Avery, all dressed up and ready to go!

Mommy and Livvie

We just thought they both looked so darn cute!
Oh la la Avery....

Livvie was such a ham

Um, yeah...the bride and groom with all of the flower girls/ring bearers. The whole bridal part was sisters and brothers of DJ and Rachelle, and all but 1 couple has children!

Nana was watching Livvie while mommy and daddy had their pictures taken!

just some huggin'

crazy Livvie!

Just loved those ruffles on her dress!
I don't have any photos of us walking down the aisle. PG and I walked together with Livvie and Avery with us. Each couple walked down with their kiddos, and it was really neat. Livvie fell asleep right before the ceremony, so Daddy carried her, and Avery threw her flowers in front of us!

Here's DJ singing to his Bride...
Off to the reception!
Uncle Jon and Aunt Holly...Did I ever mention that he used to work for Veggie Tales? Yup, he used to do lots of computer work for them, and he even came up with the title "Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Sampson's Hair Brush"... Talk about celebrity in our family! At their wedding, one of the creator's (Phil Visher) of Veggie Tales was there, and I asked him to do the voice of Bob the Tomato, and his wife did Junior's for me....I was star struck!

Avery with Kaleb and Carter....PG's cousin's boys

Oh yeah....during the ceremony, the pastor's robe caught on fire from the candelabras! He's Uncle Jon's Dad, so he's family....I saw the flames on him, so I told him that since I saved his life, I got to at least take a picture!!!!! It burned through his robe, and onto his shirt!

Livvie was crazy all weekend....she was a very busy girl...

Grandma Hilda met the bride's Grandfather. Both of them lost their spouses about 6 years ago, and they really hit it off. They talked, danced, exchanged phone numbers, and even kissed! How cute is that?

Avery tore up the dance floor with Carter. They were just adorable!
Here, Avery is showing him some of her ballet moves, and clearly, he just wants to be holding on to her hands.... Look at him cross his arms and pout while she's just doin' her thing...
So, she gives in, and back they are to dancing hand in hand.....
Our family, dancing the night away

The bride and groom!

Gift opening....

We left to come home around 4:30. Livvie fell asleep in Bapa's arms, and she didn't wake up till we were in our garage 2 1/2 hours later!

It was a wonderful weekend, filled with family and lots of memories. I probably could write a lot more about our weekend, but I'm STILL exhausted from having our whole family in the bridal party and just the stress of having lots of events and 2 kiddos. Plus, I promised my Mom to put the pictures up as soon as I could!
Congrats Uncle DJ and AUNT Rachelle!

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