what a week...and it's only Tuesday! :)

2:48 PM

It's been a week, let me tell you. Unwanted drama seems to lurk around every corner, and it never ceases to amaze me the ones who end up turning on you....I am so not used to drama!

just a re-cap of my last couple of months...

- find out we're pregnant
- go to DR to get off of all medicine for headaches/mood
- miscarry our 3rd child
- not a week later, prepared and spoke in front of our school board about peanut allergies
- endured lots of negative backlash for that
- piece on local news about our district, and now am responding to criticism on ALL sides about that.

so, to say that the last couple of months has been a ride is an understatement. Coming off of my meds during all of this has been hard, and has caused a lot of anxiety and nervousness. boo hoo medicine.

but, the good news!

- no more headaches, even off without nightly meds.
- peanut allergy awareness in our community!
- a hidden desire to have more children may have surfaced!

And, of course, I have to leave off with the latest fashion photo of our Olivia! ;) She thought that stripes, with stripes, with more stripes, and a polkadot sweatshirt was the perfect outfit for today! And, this photo is minus the black high heeled boots! ;)

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