Easter Sunday

11:32 AM

I had been working on the girls' outfits for weeks, and to see them come together is so much fun! Yes, it's more work...BUT, I was able to make both of these outfits for maybe a total of $10-12! I did a "swap" with a client for fabric, so that was free...THAT would have cost me close to $60 JUST for the fabrics...gotta love a good swap!

NOW, onto Easter! Church was great. It was the last Sunday for Daddy for 6 weeks! That's right...sabbatical is NOW in effect! So thankful for our church family!

After church, our family went to our favorite resturaunt! Olivia got grilled cheese, but ended up liking to put french fries in tortillas and eat those instead... Avery loved the fries, and is giving herself a mustachio!

Next we came home and opened up Easter baskets. We were a little lax this year, because we have to pay taxes in a week or so, and are trying to be frugal! :) The girls didn't seem to mind one bit, and were grateful with what they got!

A semi-nice day outside, so we enjoyed some craziness!

Winnie became a "woman" on Saturday, so she is seen here sporting a nice diaper. I've read that dogs can smell her from a mile away...so ick!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well!

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