Keeping Busy

9:26 PM

Been keeping busy here at our house! Besides my design job, I also started doing a little sewing for a local artist boutique here in town. I sold some skirts around Christmas, and just got some energy in the last couple of weeks to get going again! They are skirts with matching hair barrettes. My "name" is called "Miss Vickie" after my Grandma Vickie! :) She sewed EVERYTHING, and would be so proud! I'm nothing much, and don't have a lot of skill, but I figured I'd give it a go!

And, I've been doing a bit more "work" for Avery and Olivia's Easter Sunday outfits! Made the appliques for 2 shirts, 2 hair barrettes, and 2 fun stripe/ruffle skirts for my girls!

I'm in LOVE with these fabrics! ;)

And, today Olivia got her retainer! She is usually not the best of patients for our dental office, but they are gracious, and let us keep coming back! ;) So, day 1 of retainer is done...she's sawing logs next to me, and so one day down, hundreds to go!

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