Busy day!

4:24 PM

Whew....today has been something! I'm not usually this busy!

I picked Olivia up from preschool today, and then on to Speech.
Her speech teacher thinks she is able to be "tested out" of speech, so today was the day!

During her testing, I was able to talk to the Principal at that school, where Avery will be attending next year. He was so accomidating, and gave me a tour of the building, lunch room, talked to numerous staff, etc. We were able to request the teacher team that would be the best fit, and also a particular teacher as well. Even got to meet her "team!" So thankful for that...we will be meeting with this core team before the end of the school year with our current teacher (who suggested she comes over with us to meet! so nice!). Whew...good news...

Then, back home quick, then back to speech for more testing for Olivia. The teacher said that a lot of the items she tested her for, she tested around a 7 year old.

Some of the funny things she said:
Teacher: "Olivia, if you were to need your Grandparent's address, where would you look it up?"
Olivia: "Facebook!"

Teacher: "What is something that you can't do now, but you can do as a grown up?"
Olivia: "Say bad words!"

Such a funny girl! The testing took 2 hours!

THEN, I took Liv to the dr for her scratcy, itchy skin.
Got some cream stuff that will hopefully help!

So, we're at home for a bit now, and then onto church for the night! I'm already tired!

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