Weekend trip to SF!

8:55 AM

Our family just returned yesterday from a 2 day FUN weekend to BIG Town :) A couple from our church gifted a night at a hotel with a water park, and we were finally able to go enjoy it!

We woke up and headed out super early on Sunday morning, to make it to church! We attended a church that Daddy preached at when it was a new "sister" church plant when we lived in Big Town. It was great to see some familiar faces, and also a former preschool student of mine (who will be 15 this year!!!).

After church, we went to Red Lobster and stuffed ourselves to the brim! Next was a little mall shopping, some Target, Barnes and Noble, and some driving around to show the girls where we used to live!

Avery had some money to spend, and of course...she bought books!

This is the children's hospital in Big Town. Couldn't believe how beautiful it is! This was a block of houses when we lived here!

Next, on to Falls Park!

A nice lady taking a boys senior pictures took a few pics of our family!

After Falls Park, it was finally time to check in to our hotel! The girls were SOOOO excited! We swam and played for close to 2 hours.

There was a super fast slide at the water park, and Avery was brave enough to go down it with a floatie on. Olivia went down as well, but only on Mommy's lap, or Avery's!

After taking the following picture, some ladies sitting nearby made the comment "Oh, you're going to have your hands full with that one".... :) Yes, Livie is our spicy little girl!

Don't you love their suits? I got these 50's inspired suits on clearance at Land's End last year! Love them! More modest, and we like that!

The girls (and mommy) loved the hot tubs!

We then went out for some supper, and some more driving around Big Town. It's amazing how in 8 years a town can change! We ended up having supper at Mr. Goodcents, which was a favorite of ours when we lived there! YUM YUM!

Then, back to the hotel for another hour of swimming! :)

The next morning, we swam some more, and then headed on out for some shopping and lunch. We were lucky enough that Nana Dianne came out to our house a few days earlier, and volunteered to stay with Winnie while we were gone (by the way...on day 17 of her heat...grrr).

A very nice fun filled family trip!

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