Curly Sue :)

8:19 PM

I have been asking Liv to curl her hair...just for fun! She and Avery are in Uncle Josh's wedding this summer, and I wanted to see what would happen with her hair, and a curling iron.

Folks, her hair is sooo hard to curl, braid, anything really. I think it's called "fine".


She let me tonight. It took about 15 minutes, and we got some curl! She kept going to the bathroom to look in the mirror at herself after each layer I did. She would say "I look beautiful!" :)

Here she is...and no, I didn't do any editing with those big blue eyes!

And, I did a blog recently for a cookie lady. (CookieCrazie). She wanted to send me a "little something". Well, she sent us some amazing cookies! They were so good, and so beautiful! I felt guilty eating them! Hubby didn't though :)

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