Tuesday, May 11, 2010

walk thru and Avery's concert

we finally got the "sale pending" sign on our house today....it's taken a looooong time, and Avery has been waiting till it was "final" and we got our sticker!

amidst all the crazy packing going on at our house, we snuck away today and got to do the walk thru of our new house! I didn't take inside photos, but I will tomorrow, ya know...when we MOVE IN! Crazy! Here is the outside finished (minus the sod and the landscaping)

also, this evening was Avery's 1st grade class' concert! The title was "How Does Your Garden Grow", and it was 30 minutes of awesomeness! I just loved it!

We took 2 of our favorite friends with us from church, Abby and Hailey!

Here is Avery as her class took stage

and all 132 1st graders together!

Here is Avery before and during her speaking part...

"We know we're in a terrible mess, this garden has been neglected!"

She did such a great job, as did the whole 1st grade class!

Now, off to sleep....tomorrow is MOVING DAY!!!!!!


b.fox* said...

New follower to your blog! :)

HAVE fun packing!

Beck said...

How exciting!! As awful and tedious as packing is, it's SO worth it to move into a new home. Can't wait to see pictures from inside. Hope your move goes as smoothly as a move in the rain possibly can (;


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