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9:21 PM

today was a busy day at our house.

Olivia and I packed a ton of stuff this morning. I have left the kitchen for last, and it's amazing how much stuff can go inside all those cupboards! And, I don't even cook much at all, so we don't even have that much stuff!

Liv has been terrified of the vacuum for quite some time. She will run into another room, and shut the door until it is over and put away. Lately she has been very intrigued by it, and little by little she has gotten closer and closer. Today, she asked if she could vacuum. So, she did!!! Way to conquer a fear, Livie! (pardon the mess...we are moving, after all!)

The workers on the house are busily getting all the final touches done. We haven't been able to go inside for days, and that's been hard. But, we have taken a few drives out there, and have peeked into windows! Today has been a rainy icky day. But, they did finish up the siding and put up our post by our door. Next will be shutters. And, they were putting on the garage door as well. Hubby said when he drove out today that the carpet truck was there, too, so that's exciting news!!! Our Realtor said it is "guaranteed" to be done on time!

And, perhaps the craziest news...we got the moving truck tonight. Kind of makes it all seem all too real. Some strong guys from church came over and helped us pack up the first load of our stuff into the the RAIN!!! What an awful day (week) to be moving! But, we got it done, and it didn't take much time at all! Liv and Avery wanted to "help" the whole time (in the rain) and kept bringing their toys up and down the ramp...The official closing and moving day is Wednesday, so tomorrow will be much more packing and getting the house in tip top shape!

Hard to believe that we only have Monday and Tuesday nights left in this house of ours. Such mixed feelings I have, and I can only imagine what's going on in the girls' heads (and Piper's too!)

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