swim lessons 3 and 4

10:44 PM

my number one fan, is my sweet Avery.

every morning she gets on my computer and checks my blog to see if I have updated it with anything! (Hi Avery!)

So, here is a post, all about my number one fan and her swimming lessons this week!

Avery has been a tad hesitant in years past about the "noodle". Having it tied around her waist was not something she liked! Well, now she thinks it's a blast!!!

yesterday, they did a "noodle train" in the deep end. this momma's heart was beating fast as she and her friend Cassie broke off from the train, and were hanging out in the middle...

and today, she floated in the noodle, all by herself! she left the wall and "swam" to her teacher!

and then tried her "ice cream scoops" back to the wall! I was so proud of her!

they played a little game later, and she was out there just paddling away!

she just loves being able to float around by herself!!! What a change from last year!

she also says that she did like "30 or 40 bobs or something..." today! wowza!

SOOOOOO proud of you Avery!!!

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