A Special Visit...

9:14 AM

Nana Dianne (my mother) arrived yesterday evening, and is staying until Monday! YIPPIE! Liv and Avery (and mommy and daddy) are very excited that she came to visit us! I'm sure we'll have more to report after the visit, but here is a photo of Nana with Olivia last night. She hasn't seen either Liv or Avery since Christmas time...it has been long over due! I have to work this morning, and for the first time, I am leaving both my girls with someone besides Daddy. She'll love it, and they will too, but I will be thinking of them the whole time I'm at work...the whole 3 hours I'm there! :)
On a side note, Olivia has decided that she has more important things to do during the night that sleep all night. She has been such a great sleeper since around Christmas Eve. The last 4 nights she has woken up to eat...I hope it's just a phase...'cause I sure like my sleep!

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