Tuesday, February 6, 2007

"Mommy, it's MY turn!"

Last week, Avery has decided that she wants computer time like mommy and daddy have. I hear, "Mommy...it's my turn" quite a bit. In the past, she has played computer with us here and there, but never really on her own. I didn't know she knew enough about how it all worked...she is only 4 ya know! I was suprised last week when she learned how to use the mouse and play games on playhousedisney.com. She did this for an hour straight, and would have longer if I would have let her. Now, during the day I have someone new I have to share the computer with. Shortly I'm sure I'll be saying, "Avery...it's mommy's turn now!"

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Jennifer said...

It looks like Avery wants to keep up with me in the race to become the biggest blogging "fool" in history! But seriously, I have always loved keeping track of every move that Kieran made: I kept a handwritten book of his first year. But blogging is even more fun! Quicker and colorful and easy to share with others. Yes, I am addicted. My secret to so many posts while also raising kids: I sometimes make a few posts at night, or lots this weekend, for example, then save them as drafts and quickly post one a couple times throughout the day when I do an e-mail check. Then, when the boys go to bed, I usually always spend about a 1/2 hour working on photos and posts, and checking other blogs. Although I do check yours throughout the day because you are becoming such a wonderful blogging fool companion, too...I love it! Does Josh read yours? Your parents? My mom couldn't get online to save her life, so she and my dad look at mine and Hilary's together on the weekends, every other weekend. They're no blogging fools. Okay, I just like that expression that you coined!


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