Avery's Funnies...

8:00 AM

**"After Jesus got done doing His miracles, God gave Him children. He didn't have a wife, 'cause she died. He has a boy named Lauren. Lauren wears a bath robe."

**She was saying, "Next year I'll be big and go to kindergarten." I was pouting, and she came over and said "that's not something to be sad about...that's something to be happy about!"

**"Mom...we're from the movie 'The Vengeance of the Cow Snackers'"...(I have no idea what this means)

**"Daddy just smiled at me...*smile*...that means he likes me! When he smiles at me, that means he likes me!"

**Me: Isn't it fun doing the computer?
Avery: It is fun, but it isn't fun when you turn it off on me!

**Me: Avery, who's your hero?
Avery: Well, she's tall and she lives in our house...it's YOU!
Me: Oh, that's sweet? Who else is your hero?
Avery: Well, Daddy of course. But, not Liv, 'cause she's too small...but I sure do love her!

**At Applebees one night, while talking to PG, I said "Ugh"
Avery: I feel the same way about my crayons...ugh...they're just not fun anymore

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