Sweet Dixie

10:42 PM

We had a good week with Miss Dixie.  She and Winnie played a lot, she slept a lot, we finally heard her "voice" with a soft whine and a little bark.  Day by day we realized that we just could not handle having a blind puppy.

It was one of the hardest weeks I think I've had for a long time.  Dixie is so very precious to our family, and we just hated the fact that we couldn't keep her.  I set out on a search for the perfect family for her.

A few weeks ago, I had messaged my mom and mentioned a couple that I went to Bible College with.  On Facebook, this couple talks about their pets as though they are their children, and the love they have for animals is so apparent.  I said that I wished I could find a family just like that for Dixie.

That couple saw a post I put up on Facebook, and they contacted me and felt so led to inquire and adopt little miss Dixie.  I knew that I wouldn't be able to let her go to anyone but them.

We arranged to meet 1/2 way between where we live and where they live.  I had planned on doing the driving, but I had been having such a hard week with contractions, plus Olivia was home sick that day.  So, Daddy stepped up and drove 2.5 hours to take Dixie to her new home...

The night before she left, there were monster tears at our home.  It was so painful to let her go, and it still hurts a lot to think that she is not in our home.  Watching her walk out the door with Daddy was one of those moments that I will never forget.  It hurt so so bad.....

Daddy was so great to send messages as he was driving so I could see her....

They stopped and had some outside time while they were waiting for her new daddy to come and pick her up.

Here is her new daddy, Eric.  Daddy said that she licked him, and seemed to really like him.  She slept on and off on her next trip back to her forever home.

Here is Dixie with her new mom and dad, and brother and sister.  We have exchanged numerous messages, and Dixie is doing wonderfully.

She is mapping out their house really well, is sleeping well, and has made her way into the hearts of her new family....

We miss her like crazy, and talking about her still is hard for us...but, we know she is in the right home.  We are so thankful that this family felt led to adopt her, and are looking forward to watching her grow up with them!

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