Q and A with Olivia

1:39 PM

4 years old:

Favorite color:  blue

Favorite food:  cheese pizza

Favorite drink:  juice and sprite

Favorite snack:  nilla wafers

Favorite movie:  Dora, no, um...

Favorite TV show:  Mega Music Fest

Favorite Book:

Best Friend:

Favorite Toy:  

5 years old:

Favorite color:  purple

Favorite food:  cookies

Favorite drink:  coca cola, water, juice

Favorite snack:  cupcakes

Favorite movie:  Despicable Me

Favorite TV show:  American Idol

Favorite Book:  princess books

Best Friend:  Trey

Favorite Toy:  lalaloopsy

6 years old:

Favorite color:  purple

Favorite food:  pizza

Favorite drink:  water

Favorite snack:  ice cream

Favorite movie:  Princess and the Pop Star

Favorite TV show:  Color Crew

Favorite Book:  How Do Dinosaurs Go to School?

Best Friend:  Dominic

Favorite Toy:   guitar

7 years old:

Favorite color:  pink and purple

Favorite food:  chicken and biscuits

Favorite drink:  dr pepper mr pibb

Favorite snack:  hersheys

Favorite movie:  barbie and the pop star

Favorite TV show:   mako mermaids

Favorite Book:  ratty tatty

Best Friend:   Tess and Quinn and Carrigan

Favorite Toy:  Lego Friends

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