Sunday, October 6, 2013

Puppies are gone (well, almost)

I decided to turn on some WICKED last week, and Dixie went over to listen to it, and then fell asleep on the potty pad!

Rocky went home last Saturday!  His family came all the way from Wisconsin to get him!

Liv has really been enjoying reading lately!  She brought home a book from school, and read it to the puppies!  Sonny seemed to love it!

Sonny left on Thursday after school!  He is going to be living 1 hour away!  His new name is Gus!

I caught Rosie and Dixie cuddling together this week....

Dixie was spending more time out of the kennel with us to see if her and Winnie can learn to live with each other.

They LOVE to play together under strict supervision!  Winnie loves the squeaky toys, too!

more cuddles with sweet Dixie!

Howie, after his bath, before his pick up!

Howie left us late Friday night!  He will be living in Mpls!

Looking very bare in the kennel on Saturday morning!

Rosie and Dixie taking one last nap together!

Rosie left around noon on Saturday!  She is living in Iowa!

So, that leaves Dixie!  We set up this nifty kennel for her, and it's working so far.  As heartbreaking as it is to admit, we have decided to try to find a home for her.  Momma doesn't have enough to give to a new puppy and a new baby.  So hard to come to that conclusion, and we're very sad about it.  Searching for the best home for her!  She deserves the best! :)

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