Baby Shower!

9:39 PM

I never thought that I would be going to a baby shower for MYSELF again.  What a surreal experience!  The ladies from church blessed our family so very much today with a shower for our sweet baby boy!

I picked out 4 different dressy outfits for Olivia to wear today, but as you can see, she wanted to be "sporty"...pick and choose the battles I guess :)

So thankful for these 3 kiddos, and Winnie too :) (not so thankful for the extra 30 lbs I'm packing these days)

Diaper cakes are so neato, and my friend Candice made this for us!

We had a brunch and dessert too!  Olivia was so excited for the red velvet cake :)  It was all so yummy!

Still so odd to see BLUE and BOY along with us....will take some getting used to!

The ladies were so wonderful to us.  After the baby gifts were opened, they then shared that it was also a "pastor's wife appreciation celebration" too.  They had more gifts, cards, and they each went around and shared what they appreciate about me.  It was a great time of sharing, and I was so blessed by the words and stories they shared :)

It was a beyond wonderful day :)

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