Avery's last day of 3rd grade

9:26 PM

Today was the end of not only 3rd grade, but the end of Avery at her Elementary school. It was very emotional. Her teacher, unfortunately, was not at school the last couple of days, but we did manage to get a picture of her on HER last day on Wednesday!

It's fun to look back at all of Avery's 1st days of school:

Kindergarten and 1st

2nd and 3rd!

When I picked up Avery today, the whole 3rd grade went out into the halls and sang a song together. Yes, there were tears...

and some silly pics....girls do then when they see a camera!

We went out and celebrated the end of school with our great friends, and when we got home, the girls had to do their "welcome to summer" song and dance!

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