Olivia's last day of Preschool

8:58 AM

She's done.. my sweet Olivia is no longer in preschool.
Where did the time go? She's officially "going into Kindergarten". It's crazy!

Her last day was on Friday, and Mommy was pretty emotional.
Avery went to school here, and now Liv. Saying goodbye was kind of hard.
Plus, she's my baby....

Liv has been in tears off and on for a week thinking about being done with school.
She wants to stay in preschool forever.

However, on this day, she was ALL about taking pictures,
and there was no sadness whatsoever!

Livie with her friends Ellie and Payge

Kes, Olivia, and Payge

Morgan, Zoe, Olivia, Payge, Ellie and Kes

Miss Chris with Olivia, Kes, Payge and Ellie

and again, with Liv, Kes, Payge and Zoe

Liv, Miss Chelsea and Payge

Miss Lacie and Olivia

Olivia and her favorite teacher, Miss Chelsea

Now, let summer begin (well, after this week...Avery will be done on Friday)!

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