to the ZOO!

11:04 AM

Wednesday morning Liv and I trekked on over to preschool, and loaded up about 40 munchkins and were off to the zoo!

Liv and I were lucky enough to be in a large van with 9 children. :)

She got to sit next to her friend Payge, so all was well!
(fingers crossed they will be in the same Kindergarten class next year!)

checking out the turtles!

Here is our group from the day! Kes, Eliana, Payge and Olivia! We also we with Payge's mom and Eliana's mom too!

Goldilocks and the 3 bears!

Liv with some of her girl classmates: Zoe, Lily, Olivia, Eliana, Payge, Kes and Kalia.

cute little birdies in the nest!

Liv loved feeding the goats some corn kernels!

This Kangaroo was just relaxing! So fun! In this area, there were baby Kangaroos, and we got to see one inside of it's momma's pouch! So neat!

On the way home! This is how the ride went....very l o n g hour!

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