Olivia is a graduate!

4:37 PM

Can you believe that my sweet baby Liv is a preschool graduate?

man....time sure does go fast! She used to be concerned with suckies, and now she wants long dangling earrings, blush, lipstick, and to be the belle of the ball!
see her up there? 3rd from the right...she's pretty tall, surprisingly. I think she may be taller like her daddy!
Oh my, they sang this song that I used to sing as a kid "But I just thank you Father for making me ME...cause you gave me a heart and you gave me a smile. You gave me Jesus and you made me your child. And I just thank you Father for making me ME." I had chills listening to them singing it!
on her way to get her diploma from Ms. Chelsea. My camera didn't focus, and I got the worst picture of her getting it...oh well!
Of anyone she could have invited, she chose to invite her 17 year old friend Morgan from church. My girl has a thing for older men :) He was so nice to bring her a card and a crisp $5! She was excited!
Liv (with a gummy smile) and her friend Payge! Praying they get into the same Kindergarten class! And, Kes, Lilly and Olivia!
Liv's best friend at school...Ms. Chelsea! Every day it takes her 10-15 minutes of "Ms Cheslea" time before she goes and plays with the kiddos!
Ms Lacie and Ms Chris...
We are so proud of you Olivia! Looking forward to seeing what God has in store for you and your spicy self! WE LOVE YOU!

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