Wednesday, September 30, 2009

dum dum dum....the results...

We made the drive a couple of weeks ago to see Dr. Mary Morris of Allergy Associates to have Avery evaluated. They tested her for numerous inhaled allergies and also did a blood test for food allergies. She tested "strong" to the 6 inhaled allergies she was tested for (dust mites, cats, dogs, and 3 molds).

We just today received her blood lab results for the food allergens.

  • She is still allergic to milk, at a Level III. She has been a level III since she was 4 months old, so at least it hasn't gotten worse!
  • She is also still allergic to eggs, at a Level IV. She has been at this level since she was 18 months old.
  • The big blow was her reaction to peanuts. We have known since she was 3 1/2 that she had an allergy to it, but it had always tested to be smaller than her milk and egg. Well, her reaction from this test showed that her allergy to egg is at a Level VI, and her reaction number was higher than the number that the test goes up to (which is 100).
Not news at all that we wanted to hear, but we're okay. Avery is still okay, and she will be just fine. Hubby and I are talking about what we want to do to make this work for our family, and what precautions that we are going to take. We are also trying to figure out if she should 'wear' her epi-pen shot at all times too. We're not worried so much about her at home because we can control what she is in contact with. But at school, it's fair game as to what she will touch. {sigh...}

What is different about the place we went, is their approach to allergies. It's not just something that you have to live and suffer with. They have been giving their patients allergy drops (sublingual immunotherapy) for over 40 years to help allergy sufferers LIVE with their allergies, and to even minimize and eliminate them! So, we're giving it a try...what do we have to loose, right?

Avery will be taking 2 allergy drops 3 times a day for probably 3-5 years starting today. One bottle is her inhaled allergens and the other bottle is for her food allergens. These drops have small amounts of what she is allergic to in them, and over time the drops will grow in their strength as she builds up immunity to them. The doctor was not able to add peanut to her drops, as she wants to give the first dose to Avery while she is being observed in the clinic. We will be returning in 4 months and maybe, just maybe, some of these allergies have decreased....{positive thinking!}

We do know one thing...God is sovereign. This is not an accident....this is how Avery was designed by God. This is the plan for her life, and that gives us comfort. Knowing that our Heavenly Father has Avery and this big yucky allergy problem in the palm of His hand...comforting and scary at the same time...He is in control, not Dr. Mary, and definitely not me....


Paige said...

Hey sister! I feel your pain. I am the mom of a peanut/treenut/grass/tree allergy girl. I was devasted when I found out about her allergies.

I had fed my small child peanut butter and reeses peanut butter cups and she had never had a reaction. The reaction that sent us to the allergist was a reaction to pecans. So when she tested off the charts for peanuts I fell apart. I could have killed her! I am ok with her now because she is mostly with me or one caregiver that knows her allergies inside and out. But she starts Pre-K next year and it scares me to DEATH!!!!!

I will be praying for you.

We can do this...we really really can!!! :)


Mary said...

That's such an awesome approach. I pray that God will use the doctors and these drops to do whatever He has designed for them to do and that God will give you and your family lots of strength and the answers you need to the decisions you have to make concerning Avery. :)

Much love,

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

I hope all goes well with the drops she is starting. Hopefully God will help this to be an answer to your prayers.

Sara said...

ugh! I can not imagine. You are such a great, resourceful momma and Avery is blessed to have you in her corner to protect her and do the best for her always!!

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Sam said...

I have friends who have had great results with the drops. ANd here in NC allergies are rampant because of the pollen's and humidity. My kids allergies are at bay now, but if we need to we will def do the drops.!


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