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I signed up Olivia about a year ago for a preschool here in town that is supposed to be phenomenal. She was #16 on the waiting list, so I just figured that she wouldn't get in until she was 10. I got a call yesterday that told me there was a last minute cancellation in a classroom, and it was available to her! After much discussion (that's a nice way to put it), we decided to give it a go!

I took Liv and Avery over last night and we took a tour. The preschool is located on the campus of the university in our town. It's a teaching preschool/kindergarten, so there is one main teacher, and then 4 "student teachers" that will be in her room as well. There is also an observation room that parents can sit in during the class period to watch their children (without the kids knowing.)

This morning was open house. It all feels like such a blur, and I can't believe that we're doing it. This was to be my last year at home with my baby girl. It is only 2 mornings a week, so it's basically like a "glorified play time" with out mommy. It will be wonderful for her, and it will help her so much in her speech and also her separation issues from mommy...

so, without further ado, here is preschool open house, brought to you by Livie!

Here is her teacher. They call her "Teacher Carrie"...that's going to take some getting used to.

She loved exploring her new classroom...

she even got to get a bit messy with clay!

this is the's brand spakin-new and it's really neat!

here is one of the "student teachers" helping Liv into a house!

this is the other side of the playground....sooo cool!

Liv took many many laps around the road in her fun trike!

we are very excited for Liv to get to go to "gool", as she calls it. Now, I just need to find the perfect backpack for her! :)

p.s.....I just got her this adorable backpack on ebay...super cheap, just the way I LOVE it!

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