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The girls (Piper included) left home on Friday afternoon for a weekend trip to Nana Dianne and Bapa Craig's house. It was a 5.5 hour drive, and boy was it l-o-n-g. The girls and Piper did fantastic, but it didn't make it any shorter of a drive....boo hoo....

After we got there, we went to the local McDonalds for a healthy supper and sanitized play in the play place!

After that long drive, the girls were very happy to be able to be playing and jumping around!

Avery spent most of the time climbing this pole. She did get all the way to the top! That girl has some upper body strength!

(did I mention that Liv didn't have any potty accidents at all on our trip? Not in the car, not at night, and not even at Nana and Bapa's house! GO LIV!!!)

On Saturday we went on a short trip to Wisconsin Dells. I have such fond memories of going there multiple times a summer. I hadn't been there for at least 12 years. How fun it was to go back and reminisce.

Our first stop of the day was the outlet malls. I could have stayed there all day shopping! I am going there next year for back to school shopping for sure! I hit up stores for the girls, and finished stocking their closets!

After that, we ate at the famous "Monk's Bar and Grill" for lunch. It was amazing! Just like I remembered. Growing up, we always would eat at Monk's as a family when we went to the Dells.

We also walked the downtown street and also did some go-carting. A great fun day! Next time hubby and I have a little getaway, we are going there for sure! So much fun!!!

Sunday, Nana and Bapa took us to an apple orchard! We got to pick our very own apples, and they even bought us (me) some apple cider that I am LOVING!

We stopped and saw the Lock and Dam at the Mississippi River, and went on a roller coaster of a drive on some back roads. The rolling hills and bluffs are so beautiful. I didn't realize how pretty it was when I was growing up there, but man oh man....compared to where I live now....it's like comparing Bush to Obama.... :)

We also went and visited my sweet Grandma Vicki as well. She was in such a wonderful mood, and not as "sleepy and sad" as she has been the past couple of years. She loved seeing the girls, and we loved seeing her! She was making funny faces at us, babbling, laughing, tapping her feet to music, burping, humming, and she even said some words like "Well, would you look at...", and "They're so....". It was a wonderful visit and so good to see her!

We LOVE you Grandma Vicki!!!

Monday was Avery's appointment at the allergy doctor which was the reason for our visit in the first place. It was wonderful, and I am so glad that we went. Dr. Mary was sweet, caring and smart. Avery had to have multiple tests, and here below is a photo of her skin test.

They injected 6 different airborne allergens into her skin and measured the reaction of them. Unfortunately, she tested "strong" for all of them, and "severe" for an outside mold. She did test "moderately strong" for dogs, but if we work on keeping Piper bathed and clean, we are fine with keeping her. Avery also had her blood drawn to test for all of her food allergies, and those results we will know in 2 weeks. I am looking forward to seeing the results, and begin in treating her and getting her better.... After those results, I will share a little more about the doctor we are seeing, and how we are going to try and "treat" these allergies she has!

Liv begins school in the morning, so we are looking forward to a fun filled day tomorrow!!!

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