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If you follow me on facebook or twitter, you'll know of the "poo" issues that are going on in our home right now. (besides the fact that we're potty training Liv, which is going really well)

Long story short....last week sometime, a water main broke in our road. The Utility company came and dug up part of the road, repaired the water main, and filled the whole back up.

Last night, after wondering why our home has been smelling a bit "poo-ie", Hubby discovered that we had sewage back up in our basement. Nasty of all nastiness....

We had the utility company come over last night, and they determined that it wasn't their issue, that we needed to call a plumber...great...

Plumbers come over today, try to "snake" out the sewer pipe (I'm getting the terminology all wrong) but they hit a "brick wall" while trying to get the snake thing all the way out to the sewage.

They call the city, the city guys come out, and it so happens, that yes, in fact, the city IS responsible for the sewage leak. Last week they must have burst our pipe somehow and now they are in the process of digging the same whole back up, and sucking who knows what out of the road.

It's super nasty, our basement and home smells like poo, and we are hopefully going to get someone to clean up all this nastiness ASAP.


Here's Avery's school photo for this year....


I made BBQ's the other night, and Avery actually ate 1/2 of one! This is very huge for her, and she said, "this is soooo good!" YIPPIE! Great job Avery!


I did a "swap" of services with a wonderful sewing lady. I designed her blog/web site here, and she is making clothes for the girls!

Today, I received a package, and it immediately made me stop thinking about poo! I am in love with the beautiful clothes she made for my girls, and I can't wait to get the next package! Thanks so much Christi!!!

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