it's raining men leaves

7:40 PM

We woke up this morning to a yard FULL of leaves! I think fall literally threw up in our yard.

Instead of complaining about the fact that we actually have to somehow pick all of these up, the girls and I decided to take advantage and have some fun!!! (Let daddy worry about picking them up!)

It was about 45-50 degrees here today, so we had to bundle up in our fall coats!

I don't know why jumping in the leaves is such a fun thing to do, but they were very excited!

my toothless beauty....i told her she looks like a jack-o-lantern!

I think this was Liv's first real experience with the whole 'jumping in leaves' thing...

she could have stayed out there for hours!

sweet Liv is turning 3 later this, how time flies...

sometimes they really do get along....

and down-right just love each other...

i can't wait to see how this relationship develops

Piper loved chasing the girls around (and the mailman, and the neighbors too...thus the chain) (also, Thursday was the 1 year anniversary of us getting this puppy!!!)

Avery and Liv were "leaf scientists". Avery is studying leaves at school, so she was very interested in doing some scientific outside work.

we threw leaves at each other, chased each other around, afternoon on a non-school day!

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