Liv's birthday, and halloween too!

8:15 PM

Little Miss Olivia had a wonderful birthday. Who knew turning 3 lasted 3 weeks long? She has had birthday celebrations for 3 weekends now!

Below is Olivia on her actual birthday, October 24th, opening gifts from Mommy, Daddy, and Avery.

Being the sibling that doesn't get to open anything was a hard pill to swallow for Avery.

Since she had a real cake the week before, she had a grilled cheese cake this time! She DID get to have the birthday song sung to her, and blow out candles again though...

A delivery came this last week from Aunt Rachelle, Uncle DJ, and Cousin Noah! Liv (and Avery) LOVED it, and have played with it numerous times since she opened up! Thank you!!!

Here is what happens when Mommy says, "smile for me, okay?"

This time I did ask for a funny face! I think they delivered on that one!

This was our first year participating in Halloween. Avery asked us after last year if we could try it this year, so we did. Liv got to be Ariel, and Avery was Madeline.

We went Trick or Treating downtown earlier in the waste of time.....

The girls looked cute and had fun, but not the adults....

We went out again tonight into our neighborhood and that was lots of fun! I think we must have a really great neighborhood for trick or treating!

Nana Dianne got her yesterday, so we have been having a lot of fun with her! Our Nanas and Bapas live too far away from us, and we just wish they would all retire and move here to live closer to us! :) :)

We went and got professional photos taken today of the girls, and I am itching to show them off here. Let's just say that if you think my girls' eyes look good in the photos that I take, just wait till you see what the wonderful photographer was able to capture....

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