Friday, May 20, 2016

Camping Adventure: Day 5

We had parked overnight in our friends side yard.  The kiddos had to get off to school bright and early, so we had early goodbyes!  Brian had the day off, so he took Daddy and the girls for a fun ride around Sturgis in his jeep!  This is him in front of the job that took him away from us :(  :)

We met up with the pastor that officiated at our wedding, and is a long time friend of Daddy's.  We ate at the original Guadalajara's, and it was spectacular!

Steve and Daddy

Nana and Bapa spotted a park with metal horse sculptures, so we had to go take a peek!

Momma doesn't look so happy that Finn is sitting on her baby while he's nursing :)

We went to the new campground, and got settled in.  Then, it was time for the reason we came....the wedding!  On to the wedding rehearsal, while the kiddos stayed at the campground with Nana and Bapa!

Apparently, they had a good time away from us.  Our campground had 2 new baby calves that they got to go see and feed!

Finn also helped Bapa start a fire!

And, apparently they had some fun on Avery's ipod making crazy faces!  ha!

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