Camping Adventure: Day 2

10:04 PM

We got up, and off we were for a fun day of travel!

They ooh-ed and ahh-ed the whole time....the Badlands were quite the site!

Just look at that scenery....I

Nana and Bapa's camper!

We jumped out and looked around!

This is up high on a mountain.  Notice I was wearing flip flops...oops.  Also, notice that I was crazy enough to carry a 30 lb child up there without a plan on getting down....

It was a rough go at getting down, but we slid on our booties down on rocks, which was so pleasant. 

Drove a bit more, and then stopped off again to look at this view!
Nana and Bapa!

Imitating a pic from when we went to Arizona of Grandpa Glenn :)

My sweet little family

The whole crazy crew!

Around every corner, there was more and more....this was towards the end of our drive, and the yellow at the bottom of the mounds was just amazing.

I was pleasantly surprised how much the kiddos enjoyed the view.  Finn enjoyed going up on top of the camper and looking at the mountains.

We got out at quite a few scenic lookouts, and this was the last one I believe.

We could have sat there and looked all day's just incredible!

One of my favorite pics from the trip ;)

Nana and Bapa, our fearless travel agents and navigators!

Back in the campers, and off to our next stop.... WALL DRUG!

We have pics of Bapa sitting with these ladies when I was only 5, so I wanted to recapture these pics!

Nana met a man of her own!

Finn had a little fun putting the dinosaurs in the gift shop in groups...

We ate the famous beef and gravy sandwiches, and had the maple's a must, at Wall Drug!

Olivia got her first "souvenir "...a husky!

And, mr Finn added the yellow dinosaur to his stretchy dino collection!

I believe we went to the campsite and got Bapa's camper all set up, and then climbed in our camper and went off to Dinosaur Park.  It was up and up and up very windy little streets!

We weren't done yet!  Bear Country!!!!  3 miles of animals freely walking outside of your car.  We got pretty close to them!

We then went back to our campsite for the night!  It was a long day of FUN, but we're ready for more!

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