Camping Adventure: Day 4

2:48 PM

I think we were soooooo tired after our all-day-adventure yesterday, because I believe we may have not gotten up and on the road quickly!

Our first stop, was to the Cosmos!  A crazy place up in a mountain that claims there is a magnetic pull there, so it's all sorts of wacky!  Totally plays with your mind, and you can't stand up straight anywhere!

Finn loved playing with this toy in the gift shop, so hey...why not.  Now he can have his mind blown every day ;)

Next was shopping!!!!!  Nana, Liv and I went into a couple stores!  Liv and I went into Target, and she even used the bathroom....AHHHH!!!!!

Thankfully we were the only people in there this time!

On the road to Sturgis to go see our super amazing friends from church who moved there in the summer!  

Poor Finn was not feeling so hot....he was coming down with a cold :(

This is how Olivia felt knowing that she was going to see her BFF Michelle within the hour!

She got her a couple gifts on our trip!

This is how we roll.....

teenagers are so much fun!!!

Even when he's sick, he still steals my heart!

Liv was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!  She helped Daddy with the directions to Michelle's house!


BFF's, who hadn't seen each other since August, who have been talking on the phone and sending letters all school year.......

I was pretty excited to see this face, too :)

We had hours and hours of talking, giggling, and catching up!

Gwen took us for a tour around Sturgis.  This is her new job, at the bank!

Sammie and Ben....they can't get any sweeter!

The kiddos that we miss oh so much.......

Love this crew like family!

loads of love going on right here!

Michelle had a sleepover in the camper with Liv.  They were giggling, eating snacks, and talking till at least 10:30!  Such a fun night for them!!!

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