Camping Adventure: Day 3

10:19 PM

We woke up pretty early each morning because of the light shining in our windows :)  

Had to get a pic of Daddy dumping our sewage!  ha ha ha!!!

Our first stop of the day was Mount Rushmore!  Olivia had just read a book about it, so she was a great tour guide for us!

It was pretty magnificent to be there. To walk around, and learn all about the men who helped create this. So many tourists there, and such a beautiful site....

I hadn't been to Mt Rushmore since I was 5, and our kiddos never have been.  Daddy hadn't since he was a teenagers, so it was kind of like the first time all over again :)

After spending quite a while at Mt Rushmore, it was on to Custer State Park.  This was quite the adventure.  Being in a huge camper, going on small windy roads with drop offs....let's just say that none of us want to go back, and our little girl with motion sickness had a heck of a time even with meds....

Can't believe we fit through!

But, we sure did! :)

We were in Custer State Park for close to 3 hours driving around.  Most of it was a tad on the boring side, except when we saw animals, like this Bison and her baby!

And, the most exciting part of the day, was when the wild donkeys came up to our camper!  We gave them carrots, and bread....and may or may not have offered some gummy worms, too :)

I went out and opened up the camper door, and we were loving being so close to these guys!

Daddy wasn't so keen on it, check out his face!  ha!  Bapa Craig got out and took some outside pics for us!  Wish you could hear the screams and laughing that was going on at this time!  It was so so so much fun!!!

Back in the camper (because Daddy was going to drive away without us), and driving some more.  We arrived at Blue Bell Stables, and had a short little horse ride!  I didn't think Finn would get anywhere close to this horse, let alone sit on him, but the owner was so good at introducing Finn to the horse, and he just hopped right on up!

We had promised Olivia a horse ride on our trip, so I'm glad we were able to get a small one in.  Avery wasn't that impressed, but Liv loved it!  They even let her trot a bit!

Finn gave his horse a nice little hug goodbye!

This place gets an A+++++ from us!  They were so very nice!

We weren't done yet!  We stopped at Rushmore Mountain to do a zipline!  Avery had no fear, and her and Daddy were the first up!

After seeing how much fun they had, Liv and I got on there!  Liv had quite a time with motion sickness, but thankfully she was feeling so much better!

Before going back to the campsite, Avery REALLY wanted to stop off at the Presidential Wax Museum.  It was pretty fun to walk through and see all of the presidents!  Some looked better than and point below...ew...

This one was a little odd to me, as George was right up in this man's ear...looked like he was whispering something to him!

Finn enjoyed seeing Jon Jon....he was trying to play with him!  ha!

FINALLY, the day of seeing the sights was over!  We were pooped, and went back to the campsite and slept slept slept!!!

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