Camping Adventure: Day 1

9:52 PM

Our first "real" family vacation!  We were fortunate enough to borrow a large camper from a family from our church!  The kids (and parents) loved being able to travel without being stuck in a van :)  Nana Dianne and Bapa Craig also joined us all of the way from Wisconsin!  :)

Here we are, just starting out!

Captain Daddy still has a smile....

Our first stop....

Mitchell.... the Corn Palace!

it was everything you expect, and more :)

Nana and Bapa got a little crazy!

Avery made a strange friend....I wasn't too sure about this...

Across the street, there was a store and children's play area.  These shirts were too funny! :)

Finn wasn't so sure about this guy....

This pic doesn't show the craziness of this place.  The smell of mothballs, and random stuff all over the place.  Apparently, the man just opened up this place. It was a wacky way to begin our journey!

Back in the camper, and off to Chamberlin!  What a view!

We thought this was amazing....little did we know what we were in for this trip!

Finally got Mr Finn asleep.  I had to hold him down, but he passed out pretty quickly!

Nana knew which camper was the fun one, so she joined us for a little part of the trip!

Woah! How have we been this close to the Badlands, and not gone?  It was incredible!  We got just a little taste of it, and then went off to set up at the campsite!

Here we are!  Our first time camping as a family!

There was a PAY PHONE at the campsite!  

Nana and Avery enjoying some quite time!

They had a super chintzy rinky dink mini golf set up, but we dove right in!

It took all of 10 minutes to go around this little course....

Next up, was these fun bike things.  We could rent them for 30 minutes, and it was quite the leg workout!  We went around the whole campsite on these babies!

Daddy even hopped on, too!

Nana and Bapa couldn't stay away from the fun, and they had turns, too!

Poor Finn was too small to be able to ride alone, but he sure did have fun trying!

Olivia was in charge of carrying the firewood to the campsite and helping Bapa with the fire.

She took a small break to hop on the golf cart with this worker....simple joys!

Winding down our first night!

Finn enjoyed being outside, and trying some yummy s'mores!

This one is a great little marshmallow roaster!

Looks like she learned from the best!

Off to bed!  Day 1 of our trip was a great success!

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