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Last week, Avery had to present a tornado experiment.  We did a video of her making the tornado, and I couldn't help but snap a photo, too :)

Her Enrichment class also put on eulogies for characters from the Hamlet play.  She was SO dramatic, and did such a great job!  I was quite surprised, given the large audience of peers and parents, but she was a great little performer!

Today was a nice day!  The girls played outside, and well, had lots of fun with water!

I have been busy planting!  I don't know much about what I'm doing, but here is what I have done for this year :)

I planted my pumpkins as well..I have 5 large containers that are about 12 inches deep each, so we shall see what happens out there!

Avery brought home a tomato plant from school, so we will see how it does!

When I went to buy flowers last week, Olivia came with.  She begged and begged for a large rose bush to plant, and I just couldn't stomach the price tag.  Luckily they had small little rose bushes inside from Mother's Day left over on clearance!  She was happy, and momma was happy with the price, too :)

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