13 Weeks

1:41 PM

May 10 - 16

another eventful week around here!  last Friday I began having some bladder pain, but the urine test came back negative.  Still had pain and discomfort all weekend long, so finally on Tuesday I called my OB, and they said to come down to be looked at.  So, I spent 3 hours yesterday in the hospital getting all looked over.  I have crystals and blood in my urine, and am taking some pills to help relax my bladder a bit.  This little "Peach" sure is causing my body to have some issues!!!

How far along: 13 Weeks

Symptoms:  bladder pain, frequent trips to bathroom, chesty, headaches, still feeling "off"
Total weight gain: 13 at dr office (really 10)
Maternity clothes: yes
Stretch marks: nothing new
Sleep: still loving it
Best moment of this week: celebrating our anniversary
Miss anything: pop, hamburgers, french fries, having a body that worked right
Movement: nope
Food cravings: i did really want Taco Johns chips and cheese twice this week...
Anything making you queasy or sick: hot foods...i really am liking foods that are cold
Have you started to show yet: yes
Gender: 7 more weeks (July 3rd i think?)
Happy or moody most of the time: mixture of both
Looking forward to: finding out boy or girl, and to begin feeling like myself again.

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