11 Weeks

4:32 PM

May 3 - 9

crazy to think that I'm carrying around a baby the size of a lime now! :)  It sure shows though!  I read that at 11 weeks, the uterus is about the size of a softball.  Sure looks like I'm carrying more than that! :)  Darn bloating!  Can't imagine what this will look like in 10 more weeks!

probably something crazy like this: :)

My recovery has been going ok.  Still sensitive in the gall bladder, and feeling surges of pain at times.  Very bloated and gassy, can't really lay down flat, and a bit of pain when i'm hungry and after I eat in the gall bladder area.  I have an appointment on Monday with a surgeon, so we will probably know more next week what is in store for that darn gall bladder of mine!

Symptoms:  bloated, some pain, gassy, tired, headaches

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