Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trip to Sioux Falls :)

I had to go to Big Town today to pick up a dress and a dresser, so I figured why not make a day out of it! ;)

Our first destination of fun, was the Zoo! We hadn't been to this zoo since 2009.

Avery likes swans a lot...she even drew one for a duck drawing contest this year........ and, the girls at the Rhino exibit

Had to hit up the carousel!

And, they were giving camel rides! The girls had a super fun time riding it!

"It was super bumpy", Livie said....

Cute little eggs...

The entrance to Asia...the girls wanted to sit on the Lions

the GONG!

I had to snap a picture here...the last time we went, Liv was SOOO hot and sweaty! :)

and, ya know, just your random petting of a Tiger going on....

next, onto the park! I have been eyeing this park for 10+ years, and finally we made the stop. Avery looks scared here, because, well, she is!

They didn't get up too high before it got a little scary :)

We had supper at Wendy's, and then on to Chuck E Cheese!

Olivia spent at least 6 of her tokens on this horse ride ;) Avery got the hang of skeeball, too!

Super fun summer day!

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韩小水韩小水 said...

I did not know there is a China part in Sioux Falls..... and~ a little piece of knowledge, in China, the lion which step on a little lion is the female; and the one which step on a ball is the male one~~~~ That was what my little cousin told me after she learned that in her kindergarten :D


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