Sunday, June 17, 2012

Allergy Appointment

We left on Tuesday morning for my parents house.
Avery had an allergist appointment, so we made the appointment for when we were coming through for Josh's wedding!

She had a great report, and was tested for numerous things.

Her peanut allergy continues to go down little by little, which we are so thankful for.
They had her test to see if they could up her peanut drops, and she did great!

Then she had to do her tests for 5 of her environmental allergies...

Before, and then 10 minutes after....

She also did a breathing test, and has mild asthma brought on by illness and exercise.
We kind of knew this already, so no surprises there! ;)

They tested her blood also for more allergens so we can be sure of what new things we can introduce to her this summer as we're trying to eat new foods. Those results should come in 2 weeks, so we look forward to that!

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