Josh and Ellie's Wedding: Friday=Wedding Day!

12:43 PM

Our day started off bright and early! :)
Nana and the girls and I went with the bridal party to the salon for hair appointments :)
It was the first time the girls had ever gotten their hair professionally styled!

Olivia was pretty excited!
Nana got a smashing new 'do too!
the back of Olivia's hair!
the beautiful bride! ;)
Avery's turn!
Loved how pretty Avery's hair was! Having curly hair is a bonus I guess ;)
My two beauties!

We grabbed some lunch, stopped at Walmart for a few things, and then back to the hotel!
The girls had to be extra careful with their hair, since the wedding was in the evening, and we had hours to go yet! :)

4:30 came around, and we were off down the street to the church! LOVE these pics of the girls!


The girls and their soon to be new Aunt!
Cool dudes!

sweet little girls of mine!

The girls with Uncle Josh!

The girls' hair! It stayed pretty great! It's amazing what hair spray can do!

some cell phone pics I snapped before we walked down the aisle!

Josh's last dance as a single man!

Time to get married! The girls making their way down the aisle!

The bride and groom!

washing of the feet....

Now married! Just like that ;)

Back down the street to the hotel, and reception time! Avery was ready to par-tay!

This candy table is a labor of love of my mother and I! ;)
Lots of hours, but so worth it! Looked pretty darn cute!

Husband and Wife!
Dad with cousins Lilly and Caitlin, and our crazy family!
Dancing the night away!

Father-Daughter, and Mother-Son dance...

Livie was patiently waiting for HER turn!

Josh grabbed Aunt Becky for a quick little jig...

Olivia danced until midnight! She loves to dance!

Avery came out for 2 dances, and was more interested in going upstairs to bed ;)

It was a great day! So happy that my brother has found Ellie!

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