"My chest makes SPRITE"

6:10 PM

These is a photo of the day we came home from the hospital with Olivia. It was October 26th, two days after her birth. Avery was facinated with the fact that mommy's chest made milk for the baby. She then decided that she was going to give birth as well...to twins. She had them in her shirt, and then "pop" out they came. She then proceeded to go over to the couch with them, and undo her overalls. I, along with PG and my mother, watched her trying not to laugh. She put the babies up to her "tummy" and just sat there. I asked her what she was doing, and she told me that she was feeding her babies, Jesus and Jamie. She also informed us all that her chest made sprite for them. Logical, I guess for a girl who is allergic to milk, so how could she make milk for them? Ever since this day, she has been giving birth left and right and now has 9 children...8 girls, and 1 boy...she sure is a busy girl!

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