Friday, January 26, 2007

My Attempt at Christmas Pictures

My husband will not like this post. After he saw these photos, he wanted them deleted right away, but I told him I want reminders of this day forever.

It was a nice day in November at our house. While I was pregnant with Olivia, I planned out the perfect matching sister dresses, and purchased them online for the girls. I was so excited to put them on them, and start taking pictures. It took me about an hour to get them all dressed and ready. You know, tights, shoes, bloomers, onsies, shirts, dresses, hair pretties...the girly stuff. Plus, I had to plan it at a time where Avery was in a good, helpful mood, and when Olivia was fed, happy, and awake.

By the time I began to get the girls in their places, my patience was already almost gone. I took 30 pictures of them...this is what they all look like. I was in tears, they were in tears, and the whole thing was a BIG dissapointment. I even called PG at work and begged him to come home because I was so stressed and upset. He didn't, so I was faced to deal with all 3 of us crabby girls. It was by far, a no good very bad day.

This is what we all felt like at the end...this was the last picture I could bear to take...

I called a friend from church who took Olivia's birth announcement pictures and begged him to help me out. Boy did he ever. Below is our Christmas card picture...I am speechless....

What did I learn from this experience? Never attempt to take pictures that I want to turn out alone...I need help. Thank God for Jerry, the amazing photographer! WE LOVE YOU JERRY!

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Carrie Pauly said...

I can totally relate! I've taken at least 1000 pictures of my kids in the 4 months since Julia was born and only have a handful of good ones of them together. In fact I try to take the photos when my husband is at work so he doesn't see how stressed we all get and that way there is at least one calm person in the house when he gets home.


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