Monday, July 11, 2016

Wisconsin Trip, Wednesday

Wednesday morning, waking up on the lake!  We couldn't wait to get in the boat!

We caught LOTS and LOTS of tiny little guys!  

Liv caught this big guy, and wanted nothing to do with him!

Finn enjoyed all of his outside time!

Nana and Bapa have a toy fishing rod and fish, and he marched right into the house and brought it out when he saw the rest of us "real" fishing!

Give this kid a bit of water, and he can entertain himself for quite a while!

During the day, Daddy, Finn and I went to Eau Claire for some quick shopping!  We were having family pics that night, and had a few little items to pick up!

Before supper, we met up with a photographer, and had a go at it!

Nana and Bapa with their grandkiddos!

My sweet little family...

Josh, Ellie, Grady and Addy

All of us crazies...


Nana and Bapa

caught this sweet one on the way back to the cars.... :)

Off to Fatboys pizza!  One of our favorite places to eat there!

Liv and Addy

Sweet boys

Bapa had a little dance party with the little ones...

Back out to the lake, and wrapped up our day with a little more fishing!

Finn liked looking at the fish, but didn't want to touch them...

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