Monday, July 11, 2016

Wisconsin Trip, Thursday

Thursday morning!  Little man had lots of fun playing with Nana and Bapa's toys!

During the day, Bapa Craig took the girls swimming, while Daddy, Nana, Finn and I went to Rice Lake for some shopping!

Bapa got Liv another F'real!  Apparently, shortly after this pic was taken, she and Ellie went back to Kwik Trip to get another one, but Liv threw up all over the floor there....good grief!  I guess swimming and f'reals don't go together!

Avery and Addy

We went to a super yummy Mexican restaurant that night!  It even had a fun arcade area!

Word got to the waiters that Avery's birthday was coming up, so she got to have a song sung to her!

Back to Josh and Ellie's house for some fun!

Lots of water fun was had!

Grady was so funny....they would put water down the slide and land on this mat, and he would go slurp it up like a puppy!!!  ha!

A toy water gun turned into a water fight...I went into the house, and this CHILD came after me with water...

Through the back, too!  If you look close, it looks like hes actually peeing on the window here!  ha!

Back to Nana and Bapa's, winding down the night!  Daddy could be seen many times with his Hamilton book...

Late night oreo snack with Bapa!

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